5-in-1 Outdoor Survival Bracelet

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Keep this survival bracelet with you at all times and you will never need to worry about a situation you can't handle. With a multitude of uses and functions in one lightweight item, this survival bracelet will come in handy constantly. Bring it with you while you travel, camp, hike or just wear it for day-to-day use and make sure you're covered. 

This survival bracelet features a sturdy parachute cord with a solid buckle closure. The buckle serves as a survival whistle, fire starter, and scraper which can be used as a knife. A compass ensures you know your direction at all times while in the wilderness.

The parachute cord unravels for tying down and securing camping gear. This survival bracelet can also be used in emergencies for First Aid. Cut pieces of fabric or bandages or whistle for help. It may also serve as a deterrent to scare away any predatory animals. 

Functions: Flint/Whistle/Compass/Cord/Scraper
Colors: Black, Army Green, Camouflage
Length: Bracelet length is approximately 9”
Paracord length when unraveled: 11.5-12.5 ft
Weight: 32g
Diameter: 4mm/0.16”
Thickness: 8mm/0.3”

Best used for: Lashings, Camping, Backpacking, Climbing, Hiking, Mountaineering, First Aid, Water sports

Whether you are an avid camper in the backcountry or go on short hikes or bike rides, be prepared with this handy, lightweight survival bracelet. This bracelet makes the perfect one-of-a-kind gift to a friend or loved one who spends time outdoors. Place your order today for a highly functional and compact item that will give you peace of mind in case of any emergencies. 

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery


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